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Big Bash Cricket Review 2017

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After Ashes Cricket, Big Bash Cricket— the second part of Cricket Australia’s two-pronged approach to video games — is here on both Android and iOS. Its part of Cricket Australia’s long-term plan to use video games as a way of keeping teens involved with the sport. The Australian cricket board has partnered with Big Ant Studios, the makers of Don Bradman Cricket 17, to launch two titles — Ashes Cricket for PS4 and Xbox One, and Big Bash Cricket for mobile.

If Ashes Cricket targets hardcore cricket fans who want an authentic cricket experience, then Big Bash Cricket is at the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s targeted at casual gamers, some of whom may not even know what cricket is. If you play Big Bash Cricket, you’ll realise this immediately. You can play this game on Android or iOS, and it’s easy to play with one hand, unless you have a gigantic phone.

 Big Bash Best Cricket Game 2017

If you want an all-action, over-the-top cricket game for smartphones, Big Bash Cricket is the best of them right now. Others game are better for a more realistic cricket experience on mobile, but Big Bash Cricket has kept things simple without overly aggressive monetisation and that makes it a great experience.


  • Gameplay
  • Challenge mode
  • No annoying ads, free-to-play timers
  • Player, team licenses


  • Poor player likenesses
  • Unrealistic shots
  • Minor glitches

Overall rating (out of 10): 8

Big Bash Cricket is available for free (with ads) on the App Store and Google Play.

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