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Virat Kohli Trolls Hardik Pandya For His English Songs Playlist

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Hardik Pandya has solidified his place in the Indian group in a brief timeframe. Aside from his hard-hitting batting style, Pandya is additionally celebrated for his cool persona. Be it inking tattoos or brandishing distinctive haircuts, Pandya is dependably in the news. However, there is one thing still obscure about the India all-rounder - his selection of tunes. Chief Virat Kohli, while talking on a show Breakfast With Champions with TV have Gaurav Kapur, uncovered some entertaining insights about Pandyas all-English playlist.

Virat Kohli cricket trolls

We play just Punjabi music in the changing area. A large portion of the players don convey their iPods. Hardik Pandya has an iPod. It has every single English melody, Kohli said amid the show. 

Pandya tunes in to English tunes yet he doesn know five expressions of even a solitary tune, Kohi said. 

He just depressions to the music beats. We as a whole get chafed with his melodies, the Indian captain said. 

I have an iPod and it has all Punjabi tunes. I do tune in to sentimental melodies some of the time, he said. 

Kohli likewise talked about the Punjabis in the group. 

There ought to be a few Punjabis in the group. Shikhar Dhawan is there. Me as well. We have coordinations supervisor who is Punjabi - Hrishikesh Upadhyay. He is a Gujarati yet conceived in Jalandhar. He is exceptionally engaging, the 28-year-old said. 

Proceeding to troll Pandya, Kohli said he hasn considered anybody to be lost as the all-rounder. 

Pandya is one of the engaging individuals in the group. Be that as it may, I haven considered anybody to be lost as Pandya in my life, he said. 

The Indian captain shared an occurrence when Pandya articulated Ashwins name off-base. 

Pandya doesn think before talk. When he needed to take Ashs (Ravichandran Ashwin) name yet he wound up saying - Ravikashyap Ashwin kya knocking down some pins karta hai yar. He is great on a basic level yet he doesn have any control over his tongue, Kohli said.

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